We believe that medical practices must contribute to the healthcare conversation on the internet. A medical blog

  • allows the doctor to share important information with the public in an efficient, engaging manner.
  • allows patients to hear from their doctor between appointments
  • provides a voice on the internet to counter damaging ideas that are backed by fear and conspiracy rather than evidence. 

Truly, medical blogging is essential in today's connected environment.

We want to make it easy for you.

We've assembled five blog recipes to make getting started with a medical blog as simple as possible. Heck, we'd write the posts for you, but search engines frown on seeing the same content on multiple websites.

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  • Five blog topics.

    These topics are evergreen.This means they are relevant at any time.

  • A list of points to cover for each topic.

    We provide the main points you want to cover so you can just start writing.

  • Ten photo suggestions

    We provide two photo suggestions for each topic, with a direct link to the image at Dollar Photo Club.

  • Five resources to provide the evidence for your articles.

    Evidence is critical in medical blogging. We've found it for you.

Blog Ideas

Blog Ideas

Five Free Medical Blog Recipes

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